In 2011, you placed the future of our state in the hands of a Republican Majority. Two years later the Office of the Governor was added. During those election cycles we made promises to our constituents. We are keeping those promises by preparing our state for long-term prosperity and growth…and the results are EVIDENT.

  • 230,000 new jobs added
  • $4.4 Billion in tax relief
  • $450 Million state budget surplus
  • Over $530 Million increased funding for public education

North Carolina has become a more business-friendly state, and our economy is improving! Our state moved from a ranking of 44th to 14th in the nation in The Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index, the largest single rate jump in their 78-year history. Our state has joined the top ten states in the nation in both UNEMPLOYMENT REDUCTION and PERSONAL INCOME GROWTH. That makes us one of only 5 states to achieve a Top 10 ranking in both categories! Forbes Business Magazine now identifies North Carolina as the 2nd best state in the US to do business, the 4th most successful state for regulatory reform, the 9th most effective state for labor force education and the 10th most promising state for future growth potential. The “Old North State” has become the “New North State”!

Our vision for North Carolina is becoming a reality. In order to continue our state’s trend of rising to the top as a prosperous place to live and work, we must retain four critical things: the Governorship, the Lieutenant Governorship, a conservative majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court and a veto-proof majority in both chambers of the North Carolina Legislature. You can be sure all of these will be targets of the Democrat Party in the next three election cycles. If we fail to hold our advantages in all arenas, the liberals win and the future success of our state will be in jeopardy. THIS SIMPLY CANNOT HAPPEN.

The future of our state depends upon YOU. This is why I need your help. Will you do your part in helping me retain my seat for District 2 in the North Carolina Senate? I have worked tirelessly to represent you, and great progress has been made…but the work must continue.

Your prayers, support and financial contributions are the key to continued success. Words will never adequately express my gratitude for your support. An investment in my campaign is an investment in our future!

In Your Service,

Senator Norman Sanderson